Strengthening operations with intuitive, intelligent and reliable resources

We supply advanced security equipment designed to maximise resources and improve your operational efficiency. Our product range falls into three categories: reseller, distributor and organic. We utilise sophisticated technology to design and develop tactical solutions which fulfil the changing requirements of a fast-moving, global environment.

Our resources enhance your capability to deliver successful operations, enabling you to save time for gathering reliable info, reduce your organisational training burden, and counter specific security threats and issues.

Whether you need assistance in security or surveillance, our equipment is designed to protect and empower operators and facilitate and enhance your operations. For a comprehensive rundown of our product range, get in touch now.

Key Services

The MB4 is a specialist piece of data recovery equipment more information is available upon request

Get customised solutions designed for the discreet transportation of equipment to an area of interest. Ensure the protection of your resources, simplify working processes, and enable successful carriage in your operations.

Safeguard those at risk from knife and firearm assault with the Enhanced Protection System, a versatile clipboard reinforced with a lightweight, ballistic Kevlar composite.

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